SELLING A HOME gives you the opportunity to draw on your home's value for any number of reasons. When you make the choice to sell your home, you'll want to work with a Realtor who understands your needs - someone who has integrity and experience, and is dedicated to your best interests.TERRI BATES WALKER will be with you every step of the way throughout your real estate sale transaction and is committed to making it as effortless and uncomplicated as possible.

As your real estate agent, TERRI BATES WALKER will:

  Provide you with a detailed marketing analysis for your property, including comprehensive data regarding current status of the real estate market.
  Offer suggestions for and coordinate property preparation and repairs, such as inspections, remodeling / updating, landscaping and staging.
  Assist with completion of seller disclosure forms.
  Strategically market the property
  Advertise the property in local and national media, as well as the Internet.
  Efficiently coordinate the escrow process.
  Promptly return telephone calls, respond to emails in a timely manner, and be punctual for appointments.
  Efficiently negotiate your best interests.